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While the music world and Hip Hop fans alike know how many songs have been able to become a smash hit, it’s even better when someone can do a full time jack move with a freestyle that makes some fans that the song should have belonged to that particular artist in the first place.

Once Jay Z deboed Joe Budden’s “Pump It Up” track, everyone was very pleased with the results outside of Jumpoff who decided to take his beat back and give it a revamp so everyone knew that it was his for a reason.

Jay Z “Pump It Up”

Joe Budden “Pump It Up Pt. 2”

When Dwayne Carter, known to the world as Lil Wayne, dropped Da Drought, the Young Money general was able to leave countless casualties as he took industry beats from all rappers and showed them exactly how their song were meant to be.  After two more Droughts in the series, people have come to know Weezy’s name as being synonymous with being the rapper eater for the way that he ate up tracks as a feature, along with taking mainstream songs and making them even more popular than they already were on the mixtape circuit.

Lil Wayne “If I Ruled The World”

Lil Wayne “Mr. Jones”

Now, outside of knowing the classic made by Nas and Lauryn Hill, most probably don’t even remember who made the other song originally and nobody probably cares after hearing this version.

With his latest addition being No Ceilings, Wayne has cemented himself as the go to guy when it comes to rapping on any and every type of beat and laying waste to those that did it before him.

Lil Wayne “Ice Cream Paint Job”

Now the R&B world hasn’t been one, as of late, that contained too much competition within it, but the appearance of Trey Songz has since shaken up the foundation of the genre.

As a rapper and a singer, Songz has taken his ability to perform in both arenas and utilized it in his own way as he challenges records put out in Hip Hop and R&B and places his own little spin on things.  Most cases, fortunately, turned out to be a winner, especially when he gives his own interpretation of R&B records.

His first crack at it was back in 2005 when he first emerged onto the mainstream as he placed his crosshairs on his idol R. Kelly and switched “Trapped In The Closet” to “Open The Closet”

Since then, the singer has continued to build his own buzz and has been a one man wrecking crew with his own material, along with giving his own personal remix to other artist’s songs.


“Always Strapped”


“Rockin That Thang

See, it’s really just a damn shame how these artists are just allowing him to take over their songs in such a way. Not even adding a verse to accompany their own, just a full time jack move like the track was meant for him. Somebody needs to take some charge and grab him by his collar and let him know their song is off limits.

He might actually be the only singer in the game today to have as many mixtapes released as he does.  Some singers have even started jumping on the band wagon, such as R. Kelly, and flipped some songs with their own little flavor.  Age might bring wisdom, but innovation clearly creates imitators.

Recently Songz dropped his own adaptation of Rihanna’s “Hard” and even gave mention of coming out with another mixtape.  While Hip Hop waits to see what instrumental Wayne will flip, R&B now has an artist to look out for to see how to beat up on an industry beat.