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“Beanie Sigel is going at Jay-Z, huh?  Is that what it’s come to in Hip-Hop?  Hip-Hop is Fawking wack.”

Mr. No Comment seems to have unlocked the key and is speaking his piece once again.  As Beanie Sigel has finally aired his grievances on wax, many artists are beginning to throw in their opinions about the situation.

If anyone has had problems with Jay-Z, it would have to be Joe Budden.  Depending on how a person perceives it, Jay might have ended his career at Def Jam once he was placed at the president’s table so if any hostility is still burning, it would come from the New Jersey rapper.

With JoeBuddenTV back in full effect, the rapper questions the timing behind the Broad Street Bully’s attack.

“Why he ain’t never go at him before is what I wanna know.”

Showing his admiration for Beans, Joey doesn’t feel like shots at Hov are effective enough to the point where they shouldn’t be fired.  He also clears up some confusion that may have come recently from his lyrics and has assured everyone that he hasn’t had words for Jay since Mood Muzik and has no intentions to create any later on.

“Beans is nice and I like Beans.  I just feel like n*ggas dissing Hov is pointless.  Mind you, I’m very aware that I dissed Hov countless times.  I dissed Hov a bunch of times.  I did not diss Hov recently.  Contrary to popular belief, I didn’t send one line at Hov in that BET Cypher, it’s just that now everybody thinks that everything I say is directed towards ‘Too many many blueprints, not enough architects.’  That’s not a diss to him either.  When the fans made it into a diss, I certainly didn’t run to correct them because it helped.”

Many such as 50 Cent, Jim Jones, and Cam’Ron have thrown rocks at the thrown, but in comparison, Jay has always reigned triumphant.  At the end of the day, all that matters is who is here standing now.

“If you go against Jay-Z, the fight is automatically fixed.  I like Jay-Z and I really like The Blueprint III, for the most part.  I still enjoy Jay-Z.”

Oddly, Jumpoff added that he is actually rooting for his former foe as he continues to bring some type of needed change to the game and Hip-Hop would essentially fade into nothingness if he was to ever be taken away with the flood of wackiness left to hold down the business.

“If you take him away from Hip-Hop, it’s really boring and wack.  Think about it.  You take Jay-Z away from Hip-Hop and what do you have?  Is it the same?  No, it’s not the same.  He definitely dissed me on Blueprint III, I don’t care what he says, and he definitely probably blackballed the Shyte out of my career, but I love Jay-Z the artist.”

This family affair needs to be taken care of quickly.  As the circle begins to open and more throw in their perspectives, the situation could rise to where it isn’t necessary.  Too many mouths have too many words and create too many scenarios which only serve in quenching their thirst, but has a negative end result for the actual people involved.