Virginia rapper and songwriter Skillz, or Mad Skillz if you’ve been riding with the homie for a while, has dropped an annual recap of the year in verse form since 2002 skipping just one year in 2013. Skillz dropped off this year’s recap in “2017 Rap Up” covering every big pop culture moment from Beyoncé to Usher […]

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The brain trust behind the MTV’s Hottest MCs In The Game list has ruffled a lot of feathers in the Hip-Hop game. 

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Nas gives his thoughts on the dumbed down state of Hip-Hop, in the second part of his interview with The Life Files.  The site released part one of his interview last week, but the sequel  addresses a different set of topics.

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In part one of his interview with The Life Files, Nas expresses the feeling of life being good and the ability to make new music being the inspiration behind the album. He felt the only way to convey this feeling to his fans was through the title.