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Established in 1996 by Bryan Brater and Jarret Meyer, Rawkus Records was once the prime outlet for underground Hip-Hop during a time when shiny suits, jewelry and large marketing budgets ran rampant in the music biz. No shots, of course. Many of your favorite rapper’s favorite rappers jumpstarted their careers with Rawkus. Besides a steady […]


Reflection Eternal/ Blacksmith CEO Talib Kweli found himself a victim over the weekend after someone stole his personal belongings. According to the emcee via Twitter, someone broke into Jean Grae’s dressing room while the duo was performing in Melbourne, Australia. While away at the concert, the thief entered the dressing room and stole Kweli’s laptop […]

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Tyga feat. Chris Brown – “G- Shyte” Reflection Eternal feat. Bun B – “Strangers” Be Sure To Also Check Out The Wired Mixtape Of The Week Here


The day of reckoning is slowly approaching and the time will come when the fake is gone and all that stands is the real when it relates to Hip-Hop. With a decade since their debut album, Train Of Thought, fans of Talib Kweli and DJ Hi-Tek, the collective known as Reflection Eternal will have to […]

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While many look at the state of New York and automatically think to themselves music and the shift of rap, others look at the grand picture and take a glimpse at the actual communities that inhabit the Big Apple.  As some speak on the preservation of the craft of Hip Hop and bringing it back […]