Reflection Eternal/ Blacksmith CEO Talib Kweli found himself a victim over the weekend after someone stole his personal belongings.

According to the emcee via Twitter, someone broke into Jean Grae’s dressing room while the duo was performing in Melbourne, Australia. While away at the concert, the thief entered the dressing room and stole Kweli’s laptop and cell phone.

“Someone came in Jean Grae’s dressing rm last night, stole my laptop & phone.” Talib said via Twitter, “They was with the opener whos dressing rm was next to mine.”

Fortunately, the hotel were Talib was residing was able to provide footage of the thief entering and then leaving the dressing room. Odd thing is that the thief was later identified as an Australian man named Amir Elashir, who is a fan of both Jean Grae and Talib Kweli.  Elashir, who was identified after the surveillance was leaked online, received some very harsh words from Kweli via Twitter:

“Someone tell Amir Bashir I have that Charles Court address. And landline. Man up,” Kweli said.  “The club owner called the police already. In the meantime I catch a flight tomorrow. And I aint leaving without ALL the info.”

To make matters worse, afterTalib received Elashir’s address and home phone number, Talib contacted him and Elashir said he would give the items back; but not before attempting to cash-in on attention by replying to the accusations via his Facebook page.

“Innocent till proven guilty!” Elashir wrote, along with  “Over night fame!”

Although Talib received his laptop and cell phone, Talib did state that Elashir kept his New York Yankee fitted:

“So I have my computer back. And phone.  That clown A$$ n*gga Amir Bashir kept my Yankee fitted tho. #whodoesthat

SMH. Really, who does that? Please tell me that Ashton Kutcher hopped out at some point and claimed this was a joke.

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