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What is it with rappers forgetting they have guns in their luggage at the absolute worst time? On Monday (March 15), Rich The Kid was arrested at LAX after the authorities found a firearm in his carry-on.

Rich The Kid has some explaining to do and it seems he will have to talk slow in court. He is being accused of taking a bag from one of the most successful clothing brands in the country.


Apparently Rich The Kid must not be familiar with Sean's struggle history as he's found himself in a situation that Kingston's all too familiar with. According to TMZ the "Plug Walk" rapper is being sued by Peter Marco of Extraordinary Jewels of Beverly Hills for non-payment on $234,800 worth of bling-bling.

Rich The Kid has amassed a couple of Ls over the last year, and this latest instance adds to the stack of tough breaks. The rapper was in West Hollywood where he and his crew were pistol-whipped and robbed while Usher was recording inside.


As you may have already heard Atlant by way of Queens rapper Rich The Kid was the victim of a home invasion in which he and his girlfriend, Tori Brixx, were beat up and robbed.

Rich The Kid is on the road to recovery. The “Plug Walk” rapper has been released from the hospital after catching a brutal fade last week in the aftermath of a home invasion. 

Rich The Kid was the victim of a home invasion that sent him to the hospital after suffering a beating. The rapper’s girlfriend, Tori Brixx was also attacked and has relayed that night’s events, while denying that she was involved in setting her boyfriend up. 

Rapper Rich The Kid is in the hospital after being the victim of a home invasion. 

Lil Uzi Vert and Rich the Kid have been beefing on record for some time. However, Uzi brought Rich the smoke at a Starbucks, the latter wasn’t ready for the fade. 

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It’s one day after Thanksgiving but like most of the world, B.o.B is already looking a month ahead but with a little less enthusiasm.

Representing Compton, Boogie is readying his Thirst 48 Pt. II project for a forthcoming release. Today, he releases “Two Days.”

According to reports, rapper and producer Rich The Kid brawled with members of the A$AP Mob outside a backstage dressing area at Alexander Wang‘s Wangfest fashion event in New York. The fight took place just outside Travis Scott’s dressing room but he was not involved in the fracas.