Rihanna is bringing the “777” experience directly to the small screen, with a forthcoming documentary set to debut on Fox, in May. The film, Rihanna 777, will be a one-hour special focussed on the star’s tour, and includes behind-the-scenes shots of life on the road, commentary, and of course performances.

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Rihanna cleared up why things on her 777 tour plane didn’t go as fans and journalists would have hoped. In an interview on BBC Radio, the 24-year-old set the record straight, denying claims of being crazy, and too focused on herself to care about the others on that seven-day, seven-country tour.

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It may be unconventional, but the love affair between Chris Brown and Rihanna is on and poppin,’ so who are we to stand in the way? Without Breezy completely in her life, Rihanna went through a very public rebellion followed by bouts of anger, an ill-fated relationship, and thinly veiled attacks at Karrueche Tran.

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The journalists aboard Rihanna’s 777 plane have been set free—sort of. The group, affectionately known as the “Rihanna 150” arrived back in New York Tuesday (Nov. 20), after a week of globetrotting.

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It hasn’t been a full seven days yet, but the journalists aboard the Rihanna plane have had enough. We already reported on a naked uprising (no pun) courtesy of a possibly delirious  Australian writer, but there are far more amusing tales from the plane, thanks to a few crafty wordsmiths. Looking back, what seemed to […]