Selah Marley goes public about traumatic childhood experiences with her famous parents Lauryn Hill and Rohan Marley. Frequent beatings from Hill and noticeable absence from Marley have left Selah with lasting emotional damage will into her adulthood. The criticism caught wind on social media causing Marley to publicly respond in a statement to outlets.

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Snoop Lion has yet to make a statement regarding a potential lawsuit that questions the the sincerity of Rastafarianism. However, one of the late, great Bob Marley’s son has gone on the record to say he has the “Drop It Like It’s Hot” rapper’s back.

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Uncle Sam may be on her back, but that’s not going to hinder Ms. Lauryn Hill’s creativity. The New Jersey native hit the road with Nas for the Life is Good/Black Rage tour, and during a stop in Dallas last night , she debuted her “Black Rage.”


Wylcef Jean has made some explosive claims about his relationship with Lauryn Hill in his new book, Purpose: An Immigrant’s Story, and Rohan Marley wants to set the record straight. Marley, Hill’s longtime partner with whom she split, denied that the singer tricked Jean into believing she was pregnant with his child.

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There was a time when Lauryn Hill and Wyclef Jean were more than just group members, they were lovers. Even though he was married, Jean and Hill had an inmate relationship, which led to Fugee’s front woman lying about the paternity of her first child, Zion. According to Jean, who wrote about the ordeal in […]


Rohan Marley is opening up about his relationship with Lauryn Hill, and why things didn’t work out. The son of Bob Marley and Hill were together for several years and share five children, but last year things got awkward. The couple split, on the heels of the news that Hill was pregnant, with another man’s […]

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When Lauryn Hill hit the music scene, first as a member of the Fugees and later as a solo artist, she changed the climate for female artists. Rapping and singing—and doing both well—is not a gift that a lot of people possess. But the pressure being placed on such a high musical pedestal may have […]

The reality show craze has gotten out of hand. What started as an innovative new medium for the old boob tube has become one of the most annoying niches in home entertainment. So we gave the reality show game a little Hip-Hop boost. We flipped 10 reality show scripts and installed rappers in place of […]