Apparently sagging pants are still a thing in Tennessee, and it led to a pair of high school student being arrested and jailed. The teens were charged with indecent exposure. 

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Ervin Leon Edwards died  in a Louisiana jail under an unfortunate set of circumstances after his 2013 arrest for wearing baggy pants. A new video contradicts earlier police reports of the moments before he was found face down in a cell, potentially supporting a wrongful death lawsuit claim brought by Edwards’ family.

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You knew “Black Twitter” wasn’t going to let Don Lemon’s “support” of Bill O’Reilly just slide. The #DonLemonLogic hashtag highlights what is at the heart of many’s issue with the CNN anchor’s recent comments–the oversimplification of the issue of race in America.


In Louisiana’s Terrebonne Parish, anyone caught wearing saggy pants that expose their undergarments will be fined. Last week, the Parish Council voted 8-1 on an ordinance that effectively bans young people from wearing their pants below the waist and, in certain cases, exposing too much skin.