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You knew “Black Twitter” wasn’t going to let Don Lemon’s “support” of Bill O’Reilly just slide. The #DonLemonLogic hashtag highlights what is at the heart of many’s issue with the CNN anchor’s recent comments–the oversimplification of the issue of race in America.

You can catch up with what Don Lemon, who moderated the infamous Cracker vs N-Word panel, said right here. Now we’re not saying Mr. Lemon didn’t have some valid points, but his delivery ruined the message. Supporting anything that Bill O’Reilly, of all people, says is grounds for slander. Thus, saying the raising of sagging pants (one of five thing he said Black people  should think about doing) to fix our community just does not compute. For the record, it is OD.

The assembled tweets serve to highlight why Lemon’s assertions were considered folly by many. Check out the top 15 #DonLemonLogic tweets in the following pages.

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