Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Dr. David Sayah says that the Hip-Hop veteran also known as Pepa might be due monies from a lawsuit against Uber and hope her potential winnings settle an unpaid bill.

The years-long beef with the group Salt-N-Pepa and former member DJ Spinderella remains ongoing. Weeks after the group premiered their biopic that painfully omitted the DJ from their story, it's now said that any plans for a reunion are off the table until an apology is given.

On Friday (Jan 22), Spinderealla took to Twitter to air out her grievances regarding the primetime film, stating that the fact she was written out of the iconic group's history was a "disappointment" with the decision of cutting her out, before adding that omittance is especially disheartening when the goal of the group's mission was to "empower women" to now "disempower" her.

According to Blavity, the never before seen poem was made public as a part of a new online exhibit by Rock The Bells and according to the site, Tupac wrote the piece addressed to Salt while he was in prison, titled “4 What it’z Worth," documenting the challenges he faced while growing up in New York and the resilience he displayed after being shot five times.

The trailer for legendary rap group Salt-N-Pepa‘s Lifetime biopic has been released and we can’t wait to see it.

Salt-N-Pepa are down a tour manager. Tommaso Giuseppe, who worked with the group for years, even while Spinderella was down, has quit, citing a “difference in views.”


First the Fat Boys breakup, then The Fugees breakup, and now DJ Spinderella got drama with Salt-N-Pepa?!

Yesterday (July 12), word got out that Spinderella was suing Salt-N-Pepa over royalties the DJ claims she was cheated out of. However, her longtime groupmates are saying no such thing occurred.

You absolutely hate to see it. Spinderella is suing Salt-N-Pepa for unpaid royalties. Recently, the group’s longtime DJ left the group (or was fired, depending on who you ask), but now she wants the coins she believes she is owed.

Grand opening, grand closing. It is clear one of Rap’s greatest groups is experiencing inner turmoil.

Salt-N-Pepa is getting their come up documented via a Lifetime miniseries. What took so long?