Tristan Thompson isn't the only baller to be caught stepping out in his girl...

A scandal is unfolding at the University of Notre Dame involving a tutor at the famed learning institution. A white tutor at the center of the chatter has been fired after it was alleged she forced Black student athletes to have sex with her daughter.

The entire Hip-Hop community watched from afar as members of Russell Simmons highly questionable RushCard service missed a few meals thanks to an unspecified glitch in the matrix. Now it looks a select few users are demanding retribution.

Russell Simmons has a lot of explaining to do the thousands of individuals who believe that his RushCard service is better than an actual bank.

The term “ride or die chick” is used too loosely, when some women won’t even take a crosstown bus ride for their man.

Regardless of if any charges were formally filed, Bill Cosby will go down as having one of the biggest scandals of 2014. The multiple women who have accused Cosby of sexual assault led some credence to the theory that Cosby is one of the many celebrities living double lives.

Over the last few weeks, Bill Cosby has been getting killed in the media due to his mishandling of various rape allegations. Cosby has had appearances on the Late Show With David Letterman and The Queen Latifah Show canceled, and he had an embarrassing appearance on NPR Weekend Edition.