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Russell Simmons has a lot of explaining to do the thousands of individuals who believe that his RushCard service is better than an actual bank.

This past Thursday, October 15, was pay-day for many Americans but for those who got receive their paychecks from the RushCard prepay payroll service, they were in for a rude awakening. Their accounts were frozen without much of explanation, save for the fact they didn’t have any money in their bank.

A user named Nicole Blackshear gave HipHopDX the rundown:

“There are thousands of us that have been locked out of our accounts, can’t access accounts, money is missing, direct deposits not posted. They keep lying on their Facebook page that the system is back up, and it’s not. When you call, you stay on hold for hours and then the line just hangs up on you. I have not received my direct deposit and the money that I had in there already is not available. Try to swipe the card at a store or ATM and it declines. Tried to log in online and it says my card is deactivated. If you go to Facebook and go to RushCard’s or Russell Simmons’ page you will see that there are a million on us suffering. People are being evicted, can’t get to work because they can’t get gas. People are needing milk and pampers for their children. People’s utilities have been disconnected. There is so much pain and suffering and no explanation.”

A befuddled Russell Simmons has opened up his direct messages on Twitter and his people are trying to their best to rectify the struggle.

Of course, Simmons’ “tireless efforts” haven’t given people their hard-earned money just yet.

Check out more RushCard horror stories in the gallery below. This may be the end of the service as we know it.

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