Jann Wenner, the co-founder of Rolling Stone, was ousted from the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame over comments deemed racist and sexist.


And this is an example of why Republicans and far-right conservatives fear minority women with a spine and moral fiber becoming members of congress and the senate. AOC carved her initials on Yoho's congressional legacy by putting his toxic masculinity on blast and we're all here for it. Monster love and props for her bravery and G'd up demeanor. 


Those who are taking stance against the National Football League are about to get some more ammunition. A high profile owner is being questioned for some off color commentary.


Tomi Lahren knows that controversy is the clear way to get people to tune in on her struggle takes, and once more the boisterous blonde used her platform for an ugly attack on Sen. Kamala Harris. After suggesting that the presidential hopeful slept her way to prominence via ex-boyfriend and former San Francisco Mayor Willie […]


It’s nothing like a strong Black woman asserting herself to get the racists, and sexists, foaming at the mouth. In this case, it’s an Australian cartoonist who created a highly offensive depiction of Serena Williams. 


Serena Williams took an L in the US Open Finals yesterday (Sept. 9), but that’s what’s even the biggest drama. The GOAT tennis player was disrespected and accused of cheating by the umpire, and she’s now even been fined $17,000. 

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Nicki Minaj took to Twitter this week to shout down sexism in Hip-Hop while also suggesting her collaborations with top male MCs were forced.

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Cam Newton offers an apology for his sexist comments.


Cam Newton got dropped by Oikos Greek Yogurt after his sexist comments.


July 31 is Black Women’s Equal Pay Day. If you didn’t know, now you did. 

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Gilbert Arenas won himself no favors today after his Instagram post regarding WNBA players’ looks went viral.

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While 2016 is almost upon us, you’d never know it by the way some dudes manage to bring us right back into the dark ages with their outdated thoughts on gender equality.