Snapchat is putting its money where its mouth is and is looking out for Black content creators.

According to the published reports, the popular filter-loving social media app is giving fans an all-access pass to view his life. The 10-episode Snap Original docuseries, Swae Meets World, is set to premiere on Snapchat's Discover, with new episodes that will go live every other day.

Fleets are Twitter's answer to Instagram and Snapchat's stories and allow users to post "disappearing tweets."

Not feeling Snapchat trying to ruin Juneteenth with its headassery, Twitter users quickly slammed the company, forcing them to apologize.

Tekashi 6ix9ine is still chirping like a bird and taking down the Nine Trey Gangsta Bloods with him along the way, but there apparently is still plenty of interest in his story. Snapchat is set to debut a limited series, VS The World, depicting the rapper’s rise and fall.

Snapchat, despite taking a hit in popularity due to self-inflicted wounds, saw a bump in users spending more time watching shows on the social media platform. Looking to take full advantage of that, the company announced Wednesday (July 10) Creator Shows which will feature original content from some of its most popular users.

Not even DJ Khaled can save Snapchat at this point. It is being reported that over the last three months the once favorite social media app has lost about 3 million daily users. 

Snapchat is currently looking for ways to keep its faithful user’s interested in its app, and this latest feature might help. Snap knows its most famous feature is its lenses and today introduced a new lens explorer feature that will allow users to search for and unlock thousands of unique lenses created by Snapchat users […]

A white woman has learned the hard way that racism doesn’t pay. Her inappropriate comments got her booted from the Armed Forces.

It’s no secret, nobody liked Snapchat’s redesign promising an easier to use a version of the app. It would seem Snap Inc. is paying attention and is reverting back to what it made it famous in the first place.

2018 isn’t looking good for Snapchat and the scary part is the year basically just started. Rumors are swirling that Twitter is working on a new video feature similar to Snapchat’s own that may doom the once popular social media platform.