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Source: Thomas Trutschel / Getty

It’s no secret, nobody liked Snapchat’s redesign promising an easier to use a version of the app. It would seem Snap Inc. is paying attention and is reverting back to what it made it famous in the first place.

But is it too little, too late?

Snap Inc has been taking severe L’s left and right since its dreaded update.  The companies stock took a vicious hit twice in one year. First, when one of it’s most famous users Kylie Jenner labeled the social media tool dead, then a second time when they were called out by Rihanna for using a tone-deaf ad featuring her.

So with all that pressure piling up and the app losing ground to Instagram who at this point successfully swagger jacked them Snap decided to redesign their redesign. The Verge confirms iOS users of Snapchat will be the first ones to see their feeds go back to chronological sorting. Sorry Android owners you will have to wait a while. So those users who remained faithful to the app can now rejoice their friend’s stories will no longer be interrupted by #brand posts.

With this latest move, the company hopes it can start luring in those who abandoned the app as well as new users.  Who know’s maybe this will help Snap right the ship,  the power of word of mouth goes a long way.

Are you guys excited that Snap decided to revise their redesign? Or are you over the app?

Photo: Thomas Trutschel / Getty