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T.I. appeared on ESPN’s First Take and went toe-to-toe with Stephen A. Smith and Max Kellerman about police brutality and institutional racism.


Well, this escalated quickly. After Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones joined the list of people objecting to Colin Kaepernick standing during the national anthem, ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith has revealed that the NFL gets paid to make player salute the flag.


Willie D of the Geto Boys has never been known for holding his tongue and he proves it on his new, scathing track “Coon” where he calls out a gang of Black pundits for their opinions on police brutality.


Your favorite ESPN character, Stephen A. Smith is being called out over his new and improved views on Greg Hardy’s domestic violence situation. After standing behind Cowboy’s owner Jerry Jones’s support of the defensive end, Smith changed his mind once photos of Hardy’s battered girlfriend were released.

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Each day, Stephen A. Smith undermines years of solid NBA reporting with WWE-style drama and rhetoric on ESPN’s self-proclaimed sports debate show, First Take.

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Stephen A. Smith is going to war with Kevin Durant. The ESPN analyst went in on KD on First Take, relaying that he was offended that the NBA star questioned his credibility as a journalist during an epic rant. 


Any good sports reporter is going to have sources that he leans on for intel if they prove to be accurate. ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith may have to reconsider his tea spiller since Kevin Durant has called him out for “making stuff up.”

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Stephen A. Smith’s bull-headed opinions are both his Samsonite strength and his Kryptonite and while recently discussing Floyd Mayweather’s extended invitation to NFL coach Jenn Welter, he almost went off the rails talking about the same subject that landed him in hot water a little more than a year ago.

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Every so often, it appears that Stephen A. Smith says something controversial for the sake of being controversial.

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ESPN is reporting that Floyd Mayweather is considering a rematch in a year’s time with his recently bested opponent, Manny Pacquiao, according to a text the champion sent. Pacquiao, who fought last Saturday’s (May 2) match an injured shoulder, will have shoulder surgery to repair a torn rotator cuff this week which takes up to […]

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Despite getting an online Twitter petition is his honor in the wake of his suspension for controversial comments on domestic violence, Stephen A. Smith is taking his punishment like a man and taking that solitary walk of struggle.

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The View‘s Whoopi Goldberg weighed in on the recent comments made by ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith regarding the Ray Rice domestic dispute case. Goldberg seemingly supported Smith’s thoughts, which he has since apologized for, adding that women shouldn’t hit anyone.