Journalist Claire Lehmann made an explosive claim linking late track and field legend Florence Griffith-Joyner's death to steroid use and citing her long nails as proof and also took a shot at Sha'Carri Richardson to boot.

UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones has failed a second blood sample test, showing positive results for the Turinabol steroid.

Peyton Manning is one of most celebrated NFL players of all time, but new allegations have surfaced that the Denver Broncos quarterback may have used performance-enhancing drugs. A new documentary links Manning and other athletes to a doping ring that allegedly supplied drugs such as human growth hormone among other items.

Conservative talking head and Senior Editor of The Atlantic David Frum made a bold suggestion that Serena Williams won her latest Wimbledon title because she is using steroids. Naturally, fans on social media shut down the nonsense along with a medical professional and trainer that said Frum’s claims are baseless based on sight alone.

Tuesday, cyclist Lance Armstrong told the BBC that if faced with the decision to use performing enhancing drugs again, he would do so. It was a bold claim from a man who was stripped of seven Tour de France titles for doping.

The hammer has fallen on Alex Rodriguez, but it’s not a lifetime ban. The New York Yankees third baseman has been suspended by Major League Baseball for the rest of the 2013 season and all of the 2014 season.

Things are not looking good for the Yankees slugger known the world over as Alex Rodriguez. A source with knowledge of his doping investigation revealed to USA Today Sports that the baseball star could get lifetime bans before the weekend starts. Eight others are facing suspensions.

Joe Canseco is being investigated over allegations that he r@ped a woman in Las Vegas, TMZ reports. Authorities are looking into the claim, but Conseco isn’t necessarily helping the situation.

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Dr. Anthony Galea is one of the few doctors that has gained prominence for being a healthcare agent to the stars. The Canadian doctor has treated numerous NFL players and Olympic swimmer Dara Torres, but he is more likely to go down is history as the man that helped bring down the greatest golfer of […]