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I’m not Banks, I’ll say Fawk you to your face/ Hey Rick Ross, it take Buck to put him in his place/ Go head, Fawk Vanessa to get the front cover/  I’ma just address ya to get the front cover.


While some brought in 2010 with a clean slate and a positive outlook with looking into the unknown, Young Buck took the time out to refresh the problems between himself and G-Unit, especially 50 Cent.

Already releasing his own rendition of a “Happy New Year” the rapper attacks the general and his soldiers once again with the track “Steroids”.

And who would have thought that everybody could just learn to get along and start things fresh in January?

According to Buck, it’s been three years since the relationship went South with G-Unit and as much as he’s pleaded, he still hasn’t been released from his contract or given the opportunity to throw out a new album.

As far as he’s concerned now, however, why keep trying to calm down the fire and just bring the war to hi s front door.

I mean, how would anybody else react to a person recording a conversation with you crying over it then releasing it to the masses to become the poster child for laughter and ridicule?

Much like the Benzino beef, what’s the point?  Buck was at a point where fans were fighting for the underdog and his ability to produce material was only building his fanbase as he managed to keep himself outside of beef.  Now, it’s like Beanie Sigel coming at Jay-Z and everyone knows how that’s been going for the Broad Street Bully.

Throwing jabs like this, it feels like it will be quite some time before he puts out anything outside of mixtapes for even longer as long as 50 Cent has anything to say about it.

Here we have it folks, 2010 might take the claim for the year for beef.