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Joe Canseco is being investigated over allegations that he r@ped a woman in Las Vegas, TMZ reports. Authorities are looking into the claim, but Conseco isn’t necessarily helping the situation.

According to the website, a woman filed a police report with the Las Vegas Metro Police Department, which opened an investigation into the May 10 incident. The ex-baseball star is denying the whole thing, and is not considered an actual suspect but a “person of interest.”

Canseco however announced that he was “charged,” and went on to name the accuser in a series of now-deleted tweets. “Breaking news this is a first folks las vegas police was just at my house i have been charged with rape by a [name redacted] from las vegas,” he wrote this morning. “All media welcome to this drama filled event. Did i rape [name redacted] or is she lieing. Stay tuned to another day in the life of Jose Canseco.”

The 48-year-old also dared the accuser –who is a fitness instructor living in Sin City–to take a polygraph test on live television, and promised to do the same. He also posted the woman’s phone number encouraging the media to call and “ask her if she will take a polygraph.”

Tess Driver, spokesperson for the Las Vegas district attorney’s office told Buzzfeed that Canseco is simply confused by how the legal system works. “From [his tweets], it sounds like Metro [Police] just went to his house to question him,” Driver explained. “So, they are probably just in the investigation stage at this point.”

Canseco has been known to expose people. In his 2005 book, Juiced he not only admitted to doing steroids but named other players, some of whom he personally injected–allegedly.


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