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Dr. Anthony Galea is one of the few doctors that has gained prominence for being a healthcare agent to the stars. The Canadian doctor has treated numerous NFL players and Olympic swimmer Dara Torres, but he is more likely to go down is history as the man that helped bring down the greatest golfer of the modern era.

Galea  and several other doctors affiliated with him are suspected to have provided a myriad of professional athletes with performance enhancing drugs, which include anabolic steroids and human growth hormone in several forms, including the banned substance known as Actovegin.

The good doctor was found with Actovegin, a drug created with calf’s blood, and HGH while attempting to cross the U.S.-Canadian border.

In a statement to several media outlets, Galea said finding information on the athletes that benefited from the illegal substances “would be impossible.”

Tiger Woods hosted Galea in his home at least four times during February and March during his recovery from knee surgery. It is said that Woods underwent platelet-rich plasma therapy, a blood spinning technique designed by the Canadian doctor to increase post-surgery recovery, with Galea’s supervision.

There has been no direct connection between Woods and Dr. Galea as it pertains to HGH or illegal doping, but a recently launched investigation into the matter is sure to reveal something that promises to be a real game changer in the ongoing Tiger Woods saga.

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police are investigating Dr. Anthony Galea for criminal conspiracy and smuggling as well as for the advertisement and selling of unapproved drugs.