“I didn’t even know the n*gga like that, but the feeling I felt, it was like my best friend just died.” Everything in the world is born and finds a means to live, but ultimately comes to an end, even if only for the time being. Onyx member Fredro Starr has been bringing his Tales […]

“Fawk that!  Right now I’m going crazy, n*gga tried to swing on me, Fawk that.  We gon get it poppin.  In the meantime, they was stompin my man out.” For Onyx member Fredro Starr, the industry has had its ups and downs, but the rapper has never been afraid to tell it like it is. […]

50 cent

“When 50’s verse came on, when it was his time to rock, he got the mic in his hand, but then Scar 4 Life comes out of nowhere and starts doin his Shyte…I knew he felt a certain kind of way cause he was down with us, but he wasn’t official, he was down with […]

“My man I was doing Clockers with called me, cuz he live in Staten Island, a couple of days later like ‘Yo, heard you and ODB had a little problem.  Them Wu n*ggas is tryna get at you.’” Pride is something that can make and break a man.  While it allows a person to stand […]

“When he put his arm around me, I felt this force like the devil had a n*gga.  A n*gga’s heart was beating.” For those that know Fredro Star, novices may remember him in movies such as Sunset Park, Light It Up and Save the Last Dance. Hip-Hop knows him as a member of Onyx releasing […]