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“My man I was doing Clockers with called me, cuz he live in Staten Island, a couple of days later like ‘Yo, heard you and ODB had a little problem.  Them Wu n*ggas is tryna get at you.’”

Pride is something that can make and break a man.  While it allows a person to stand up for himself, it also is a means for a man to do something stupid strictly based off of having their pride or ego hurt.

While there have been many publicized battles and beef in Hip-Hop, there are still some chapters that have been left untold and the pages have not been looked into.

Providing another episode from his Tales of the Industry, rapper Fredro Starr spoke on an altercation between himself and the late ODB where the Staten Island rapper seemed to want to cause some type of raucous while Starr and Onyx were at the Palladium.

“We just chillin and Shyte, minding our own business, then here comes your man ODB.  He just comes up to Sticky and just starts looking the n*gga in the face, grillin the n*gga Sticky.  So him and Sticky are going face-to-face grilling each other and I’m like, ‘Yo, why the Fawk this n*gga ODB grillin my man like that?, that Shyte is kinda crazy, what the Fawk is going on?’”

Already in an off move, Starr wasn’t much for talk and felt that if something was going to happen, it needed to happen.   His pride as a man was tested by ODB once he set his sights on him.

“I’m in a no nonsense attitude, so I’m like, ‘Ya’ll n*ggas gonna sing it or ya’ll gonna bring it cuz I ain’t tryna hear none of that Shyte.’  So then your man ODB took his attention off Sticky and then he comes up to me and puts his finger in my cheek and just goes[pushes his face]  Why he do that?  Why he gonna put his hands on my face and try and mush a n*gga?  I did what any real n*gga would do and hooked off on a n*gga.”

The tussle wouldn’t last long as Dirty was taken from the club, but the residual effects of Starr’s actions were felt after some days passed by and he was informed that the Clan was on the lookout for him.

“Now it’s a beef between Onyx and Wu Tang, but nobody really knew about this Shyte, only them n*ggas knew about it and I knew about it and a couple of other n*ggas from the industry.  It wasn’t some big Shyte on the radio, Flex wasn’t talking about it, nobody was really talking about the Shyte.”

Months pass by and Starr is approached by ODB and his crew during a car show.  Thinking that something is about to pop off, Starr would find out Dirty was there to actually apologize and has actually mistaken Sticky for Kind Just.  After a handshake and a smoke break, the feud between those two was over.

Looking to end any potential beef with the rest of the members of each group, both ended up sitting down with one another and agreeing to go on tour and officially putting a close on future problems.

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