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“Fawk that!  Right now I’m going crazy, n*gga tried to swing on me, Fawk that.  We gon get it poppin.  In the meantime, they was stompin my man out.”

For Onyx member Fredro Starr, the industry has had its ups and downs, but the rapper has never been afraid to tell it like it is.

Reported earlier with Starr’s Tales of the Industry series, Starr continued with his story on the origins of the beef that existed between 50 Cent and Onyx.

After going back and forth with diss records, Starr states that he still has overall respect for Fif and considered him to be a real dude, especially after taking the nine shots.  In an attempt to re-link with Jackson, Starr went to the shoot of the music video for “Wanksta”.

Tagging along was a friend known as Tah Tah, who wa actually referenced in “Who Shot Ya” and “Ghetto Qu’ran” from 50 Cent and the sight of Tah with Starr caused Fif to take another second look at the Onyx member.

“I don’t know, maybe he thought I was trying to set him up bringing Tah Tah to the set, but it wasn’t even like that.  We ain’t have no intentions to hurt nobody or intentions to do anything wrong to a n*gga, even though your man Tah always stay with that thing on him.”

Although the meeting went without any dispute, there would be a tailspin of trouble between the two which was initiated when Starr made a trip to Vegas to deal with Bang Em Smurf.

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