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“When he put his arm around me, I felt this force like the devil had a n*gga.  A n*gga’s heart was beating.”

For those that know Fredro Star, novices may remember him in movies such as Sunset Park, Light It Up and Save the Last Dance. Hip-Hop knows him as a member of Onyx releasing hits such as “Slam” and “Throw Ya Gunz.”

Although the group has been quiet for some time, the rapper/actor has continued to make noise in the industry.

Taking to the web with Tales From the Industry, the rapper has decided to give accounts of some stories of him in the rap game.

One story dealt with the possibility of him joining the ranks of Death Row Records.

According to the rapper, the meeting took place during the premiere of his film Sunset Park. Tupac actually had a song that was featured on the soundtrack and was in attendance along with Suge Knight.  After the film ended and everybody was outside taking pictures, Starr and Pac were taking pictures and talking back and forth while Suge just watched.

“This n*gga Suge just sitting there with the cigar in the background looking all mean and Shyte.  He ain’t saying nothing.  Every time I look at this ni*gga Suge, I look at the ni*gga and turn to the side like I ain’t fu*cking with this ni*gga and I ain’t catching no eye contact with this ni*gga.”

After taking so much time out for silence, he told the rapper to take a walk with him and Pac as they made a trip out to the parking lot and Knight kept it simple.

“I want you on Death Row Records.”

At the time, Fredro Starr was on Def Jam Records.  Even more than that, he was a part of Onyx and was with Jam Master Jay.  According to him, however, Suge wanted him to leave it all behind him and if necessary, he would take care of his business at Def Jam.

As the wheels started to turn, it was actually Pac’s expression that made the rapper think twice about the deal that was on the table.

“The funny thing about this Shyte is, you know Tupac is an animated ni*gga and you see he’s always full of life, but when I looked at Pac, when he told me that shi*t, the n*gga looked at like he was saying, ‘Hell no, you don’t wanna come over here.’  That was the look in the n*ggas eye.”

Although initially excited about the offer, it was through Brandy that he was able to see some clarity of the situation.  Stating that she was almost in tears and telling him not to deal with him, the rapper said that he took her words and decided not to get back at Suge and do business with him.

Six months later, Pac was murdered and Fredro feels as though  he could have been doing records with Pac, and he could have also been in the car that night.

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