Television is getting yet another politically driven show in the mix. This time Tyler Perry has his sights set on the President specifically.

Kevin Durant is still very much a star in the NBA and will be for years without a doubt, but he’s already moving into other endeavors. Apple has ordered his Swagger television show to its streaming services, which will focus loosely on Durant’s own rise in the amateur ranks within the Washington, D.C. area.

Ice Cube has long established himself in other areas outside the medium of music and acting, and now he’s hoping to get into the sports television business too. The rapper and actor is part of an investment group that is hoping to purchase 22 regional sports stations.

Jordan Peele continues to pile up creative wins behind the scenes, this time taking his vision to subscribers of Amazon Prime’s streaming service. The Get Out director will serve as the executive producer of The Hunt, a drama that showcases the tale of a team of people looking to take down Nazis who are trying […]

Issa Rae and The Turner House author Angela Flournoy are working in tandem to develop a new drama for HBO centered on Los Angeles in the 1990s.

Comedian and writer Wyatt Cenac will be the star of an upcoming 10-part HBO series that tackles hot-button issues of the day. It debuts next spring.


Marvel isn’t going to be satisfied until they own the world. Well, at least the entertainment world.

 Jesse Williams and J. Period linked on a new musical venture featuring an all-star lineup of acts, all inspired by the EPIX network’s original series, America Divided. The project, titled Rise Up!, features the likes of Rhymefest, Xzibit and more.

MTV2 is beefing up their original programming next month with the announcement of two new shows and a new season of one of its popular properties. World Star, the hub of online fights and all thing ratchet, will get its own show and All Def Digital boss Russell Simmon is behind the ADD-TV series.

Even though NBC’s The Carmichael Show is getting solid ratings and was just recently renewed for a third season, odds are it’s not getting talked about at your job or family gatherings yet. That needs to change.

When news that original cast of the hit 70s series Good Times was gearing up to film an original movie featuring the original cast, some might of thought it was part of some elaborate joke. However, a Kickstarter campaign has been launched by the surviving cast members in support of a movie based on the […]

Not that Dr. Dre needs to add more projects to pad his extremely successful career, but the Aftermath mogul is set to star in Apple’s first original scripted television series. The series, Vital Signs, will feature the Compton, Calif native but details are expectedly scant so far regarding the top-secret project.