The Based God

Lil B has a gift for keeping himself in the news and this time the so-called “Based God” is wedged deeply in the NBA’s MVP conversation. The Bay Area rapper that people either love or hate says that his “Based God” curse is still on for Houston Rockets star James Harden, but he’s lifted it […]

Recently, Joey Bada$$ and Lil B traded diss records called “I’m the Bada$$” and “Don’t Quit Your Day Job,” respectively. Bada$$ spoke on the song he created and said that going at the Based God was just a necessary reaction.

Lil B, one of Hip-Hop’s most polarizing figures, was part of a list of hopefuls to perform at this year’s Grammy Awards. But, it appears the Based God may have been banned from doing so.

This really happened. Last night, Lil B actually lectured at New York University. The Based God dropped some choice quotes throughout the night that fall in line with his usual hippie rapper doofus antics. At one point the “Wonton Soup” rapper goes on a lengthy spiel about studying the ant communities that invaded his apartment […]

Esteemed best selling author and invited guest speaker at NYU, Lil’ B, has a new video dedicated to his love of the derriere. To be honest, there isn’t much that needs to be said about this video. The Based God‘s new song “I’ma Eat Her @$$,” will appear on his newest album #1B-tch. This is just […]