The Blueprint

A total of 25 recordings are being inducted into the National Recording Registry and Hov's work is among those being honored.

For his 44th birthday, it seems Jay Z wanted to stir the pot of controversy for Hip-Hop heads to debate over.

It’s December 4 and that makes it Shawn “Jay Z” Carter’s 44th birthday. The number four has made a tremendous impact on his career akin to the way his artistry has made him arguably the best rapper in many a debate.

As Jon Connor gets close to releasing his latest project, The Blue Album, he made a stop through the DJ Kay Slay show on Hot 97. Within promoting his upcoming project, Connor paused to let a few bars fly off the top of the dome. Below is the result of the freestyle session. Be on […]

Jon Connor continues to hustle as he gears up for an interesting conceptual project. The Blue Album, which drops Feb. 14th, is a new mixtape effort where Connor will be flipping his favorite tracks from each of Jay-Z‘s Blueprint albums. “Best in the World” sees Connor flip Jigga’s “Hovi Baby” record off Blueprint 2: The Gift […]