Chef Way, real name Waymond Wesley, stepped down from his job as a Texas prosecutor after tweets violently targeting Black women surfaced.


A popular TikTok food slinger named Chef Way is getting dragged for filth after some heinous tweets he dropped years ago resurfaced.

The 16-year-old son of Angela Bassett made a remorseful video apology after his prank video faking the death of actor & her 'Black Panther' cast mate Michael B. Jordan went viral on TikTok. Slater Vance made the video on New Year's Eve as part of a "celebritydeathprank” trend.


We hope y’all ready for more Kanye West as the controversial artist has decided to join TikTok and expand his influence to yet another social media platform.


Today people will do or say anything to bring attention to whatever they’re promoting, but a TikToker might’ve went over the line in his attempt to get more people to listen to his new song.

Cleveland-based mental health therapist Shabree Rawls went viral for a passionate message urging Black men to seek therapy and learn to expand their “emotional vocabulary.” And soon after things started to spiral. 

In another win for The BeyHive, Beyoncé has joined TikTok, and her entire catalog is now available for users of the short-form video app to utilize as backing tracks for their creations, according to Digital Music News. 

In a new spot for Amazon, Crews pleads with folks to come work for the company but Twitter is getting the buff bozo out the paint.

TikTok is reportedly nipping at YouTube's feet, well in the United States at least.


The family of Matima "Swavy" Miller wants the public to know how important he was to them, in the wake of him being the focus of a controversial segment on The Wendy Williams show after his murder which focused on his following on TikTok.

During a broadcast of her popular talk show, Williams rudely brushed off news of the death of Swavy and even had to eat some crow after realizing he had more followers on social media than she does.

It's no secret. Black people are the sole reason social media is popping. This latest protest on TikTok is proving that point easily.