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An Instagram Live conversation with Saweetie from 2020 has Too Short on the ropes, making an apology by talking to TMZ to clarify where he was coming from with his comments about mixed women in that talk after the video clip garnered outrage by people on Twitter.

Saturday was all about Town Bidness on Saturday night as Verzuz took its breakout streaming platform west to showcase two of the Bay Area's legendary titans for the final battle of 2020.

The friendly clash between the Bay Area veterans is set to go down Saturday (Dec. 19) night.


Yesterday the Bay Area legends took to social media to announce their upcoming face-off which will definitely serve as a history lesson in pimpin' and fast flows for millennials who aren't up on just how important The Town was to the rap game a few decades ago.

Too Short was accused of sexual assault by a woman who accused the veteran rapper of performing a number of violent sex acts towards her, and she later filed a lawsuit. After prosecutors initially rejected the case, the woman has now filed papers asking the courts to dismiss the lawsuit without prejudice.

Too Short became infamous for his mack daddy lyrics and freaky tales, but now he’s all about the daddy life for real this time. The 53-year-old Bay Area legend is a proud papa of a beautiful baby girl, and he explained that the playa life was too good to have a baby before now.

Todd Shaw, better known to the world as Too Short, recently revealed the news that he’s a first-time father at 53. The legendary Bay Area rapper and Sue Ivey are the parents of an adorable baby girl and images of their daughter have now gone public.

Too Short has long cemented his legacy as one of the Bay Area top Hip-Hop legends, and his trademark “B*TCH” adlib will live on forever. Short Dogg, forever the hustler, is now hopping into the cannabis business with plans to launch a line of signature pre-rolls called TOO $HORT STIX.

Too $hort has enjoyed one of Hip-Hop’s longest career streaks and is set to drop a new project early next month. While in New York at a strip club no less, Short Dog seems to suggest that N.W.A. founding member Eazy-E didn’t die of complications from AIDS as has been widely reported over the years.

Too Short says he has the receipts that prove his rape accuser is lying. The Oakland rap legend says he has text that prove that he and the woman were dating, and that he is innocent. 

Too Short‘s name has been added to the ever growing list of sexual predators in the entertainment industry. The Bay Area artist is pleading his innocence and plans to counter sue.

Too Short has issued a statement regarding rape accusations made against him by a former colleague.