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Too Short is taking time out to clarify some comments he made in conversation with Saweetie from 2020 that had many call him out for being a colorist and call out Saweetie for appearing to co-sign his comments.

The Bay Area rap legend reached out to TMZ to apologize for his words after parts of the talk he had with Saweetie via Instagram Live resurfaced on social media over the weekend.

In that initial clip, Too Short says that he loves biracial women. “Mixed heritage women have always been my favorite,” he said. “I don’t think I’ve ever fallen in love with a woman that wasn’t mixed.”

That prompted a short response from Saweetie who is Black and Filipino, saying, “Really?” The “I’m A Player” rapper continued: “I feel that way about life too like biracial babies are… you can take the two ugliest people from different races and make a baby and that baby would just be beautiful! It happens all the time!” At that point, Saweetie attempted to laugh the whole thing off while still visibly stunned by his remarks. That exchange didn’t sit well with those who watched, calling Too Short “colorist” in his views and calling out Saweetie for being unsupportive of Black women at that moment, mainly on Twitter.

Too Short clarified his initial comments by saying that the Bay Area has a lot of diversity, and to that end, race isn’t solely prominent in the day-to-day thoughts of those living there. But he emphasized that he believes beauty and ugliness are found in all shades and all walks of life, and that he loves everything about being Black including loving Black women of all hues.

Saweetie also defended herself from those online calling her an enabler and colorist, pointing out that the initial clip that was posted didn’t capture the entire exchange. In the clip she posted via her Twitter account, she did respond to Too Short’s initial commentary by saying: “I heard your comment about when two people come together to make a beautiful baby but Black women are beautiful period with their own look, you feel me?”