Diesel wants to use fashion to tackle a growing issue of cyber-bullying and got the help of some big names to aid in that fight. It’s the selection of one person in particular that has some folks on Twitter scratching their heads.


Chris Hansen is sitting somewhere with his eyebrows raised right now. Drake is the subject of intense suspicion and slander on Twitter after recent stories involving his friendships with young teenage girls.


We’re not sure what in the hell Madge was thinking when she decided to tell THAT story during a tribute meant for the late Queen of Soul.


Toni Braxton isn’t the first person and will certainly not be the last to have a finger slip-up on a smartphone device, but few will get the slanderous treatment she’s gotten on Twitter for it. In a bid to post up a loving tribute to the late Aretha Franklin, the R&B’s singer’s search terms showcased […]


It’s probably a good idea if Scaff Beezy never mentions his ex-girlfriend again after this roasting. To be fair, we’ve included tweets from folks blasting Nicki Minaj for her alleged domestic violence. Stay tuned.


The fast food wars continue. Burger King has taken a note from IHOP’s latest re-branding and shined brilliantly on social media.

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Florida rapper XXXTentacion claims that the Migos jumped him in Los Angeles and he took to video to drag Cardi B into the beef for some reason.

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After Bow Wow, AKA Shad Moss, posted an image of himself as part of the Death Row Records roster, Twitter users reacted with hilarious results.


Dr. Umar Johnson, the self-proclaimed “Prince of Pan-Africanism” has made quite a name for himself as a fiery orator and public figure, especially within the Black community. However. members of the community he champions turned up the heat on Johnson after a photo of him resurfaced on Twitter of him donning a rather questionable wig.

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Stacey Dash didn’t do herself any favors when she decided to go rogue and become an agent for all things conservative and her shoe shine act didn’t gain her many allies either. Dash’s exit from Fox News was recently announced and the Internet has been giving the ousted actress the blues on Twitter all morning.


File this one under “When keeping it real, on social media, goes wrong.” A woman took to Twitter to ask for feedback about a text she sent a gentleman, we assume, after an ill-fated date.

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A producer by the name of Jaywan went on Twitter to vent his laundry list of frustrations about the music industry. Included in his Twitter rant were tweets exposing the alleged bad business dealings of Kanye West, Meek Mill, Wale, Rick Ross and others.