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The beef between Pierre “Pee” Thomas and Lira Galore is heating up to explosive levels. The Quality Control CEO upped the ante in his legal battle with Galore, showing off texts that reveal she sniffed some prime-time booger sugar while pregnant.

As we shared earlier, Thomas vehemently denies being physically and emotionally abusive towards Galore and actually said it was the other way around. After news that Galore was attempting to file a motion to get Thomas to take care of her attorney fees amid claims he was an unfit father to their child, Thomas dropped one hell of a bombshell on Instagram that probably won’t be up for long.

From the swiftly-deleted Instagram post:

One thing I don’t play about is my father hood. I have 16 artist on my label, I still make time to see my children 4 times out of the week. The only women I leave my children with are there mothers and the women I was engaged with. I wasn’t gonna address this but I’m just tired of seeing my child’s mother try and slander me as though I’m so unfit. No I’m not perfect but if anyone knows me they know I go hard every day so my children will never have to go through what I’ve been through. She can deny her bad drug habits and her toxic aggressive behavior all she wants but the truth of the matter is that I’ve tried to do nothing but help her. THIS IS OBVIOUSLY A 15 MILLION DOLLAR SHAKE DOWN FROM AN ANGRY WOMEN WHO IS DOWN TO HER LAST AND CLEARLY UPSET BECAUSE A FAILED ATTEMPT TO GET HER CHILD SUPPORT SWITCHED TO LA THEREFORE SHE’D ACCUMULATE MORE EACH MONTH VERSES GEORGIA. IVE NEVER ONCE BEAT ON THAT WOMEN… DID I TAKE MY RING BACK, YES! WHEN I BECAME AWARE SHE WAS HAVING SEX WITH OTHER MEN, PLOTTING WITH HER PIMP, AS WELL AS SNORTING COKE WHILE PREGNANT WITH MY CHILD. WHAT MAN WOULD NOT WANT THERE RING BACK? I HAVE NOT SEEN MY CHILD SINCE FATHERS DAY WHY? Because the root of all evil… MONEY!

Let that sink in. And then read on:

I HAVE TEXT MESSAGES AS WELL AS PROOF THAT WE WERE ON PRETTY FARE TERMS UNTIL SHE REALIZED SHE WAS NOT GONNA BENEFIT AS SHE ONCE WAS WHEN WE WERE TOGETHER. People that know me and her know the truth! This is my last time speaking out about this situation, hopefully we can keep this matter out of the public eye for the sake of our daughter having to look back and see. A wise man once told me when you lay down with pigs you get mud all over you… guess he was right. PS: Everyone know who my children mothers are. Ask them.

Okay, still with us? Good.

As one can imagine, the slander on Twitter right now is ferocious. From what was looking like a pretty slow news day for Monday has truly heated all the way the hell up. But we do wish to say that the allegations levied at Thomas are serious and should be seriously investigated. We’re not picking sides here, just reporting the facts.

The IG post lives on, thanks to The Shade Room so peep it out below along with the reactions on Twitter.

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