ty lawson

Lawson, a former NBA first-round draft pick, was banned from the league after allegedly posting videos making comments about the rear ends of Chinese women.


Ty Lawson clearly has a drinking problem The NBA point guard, who went to rehab in 2015, tested positive for alcohol not once, not twice but three times within the last seven months. 

Ty Lawson is getting the help he needs. The NBA star announced that he is going to rehab—while he was in court answering to his second DUI bust this year. 

Denver Nuggets guard Ty Lawson needs to consult with Donté Stallworth on who has the best driver services. (Uber is also a viable option.)

Famous people more often than not are dehumanized by their legions of stans, so it’s never anything short of a surprise when we learn about our favorite actors, athletes or musicians laying the smackdown on their significant other.

Ty Lawson and his pregnant girlfriend, Ashley Pettiford aka Ashley King from Bad Girls Club, have joint mug shots. This is not the best of looks for the NBA star who was arrested and released on bond over a domestic violence incident.

Ty Lawson believes sex with a Kardashian will get you an NBA championship. TyLawson3: I’ll take one for the team lol With some thinking that hard work and determination can easily lead to rewards in professional sports, one player believes that the Kardashian family is the way to nab a championship in sports. Ty Lawson, […]