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Famous people more often than not are dehumanized by their legions of stans, so it’s never anything short of a surprise when we learn about our favorite actors, athletes or musicians laying the smackdown on their significant other.

Jay Z once put on wax that “males shouldn’t be jealous” because “that’s a female trait.” On the contrary, jealousy (or envy) is a human emotion – like anger, disgust, fear, or sadness – which is subject to play a role in any domestic partnership under the right circumstances (i.e. emotional trauma, insecurity, anger management issues).

Like regular people, celebs (or their significant others) fall prey to the atrocity of domestic dispute. Both men and women, gay or straight, black and white, have made headlines for charges under harassment, assault and battery, and/or domestic violence.

In light of The-Dream’s newest arrest for reportedly beating down his pregnant baby mama, Hip-Hop Wired presents to you 12 celebrity fades that were unfortunately acted upon loved ones. Some offenders were convicted, other charges got dropped and a select few are only “alleged” to have a violent side. Hit the flip to see who made the list. Let us know who you think had the worst outcome.

Photos: Instagram/WENN

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