Yesterday (January 22), the NBA’s Milwaukee Bucks caught the sports world off guard when they formerly announced that they had given their head coach of the past three and a half years, Jason Kidd, his walking papers.

Over the weekend, New York Post reported that head coach Jason Kidd was looking to leave the Brooklyn Nets for greener pastures (more on that later) due to issues with the higher ups in the organization. And it appears that his wish has come to fruition.

Famous people more often than not are dehumanized by their legions of stans, so it’s never anything short of a surprise when we learn about our favorite actors, athletes or musicians laying the smackdown on their significant other.

Rap has come a long way in the past 20 years and that statement goes double for non-professional MCs. Athletes have long had an infatuation and the means to become amateur rappers, and while some have proven to be fairly decent, others are lucky they’ve been blessed with the ability to lean on sports as […]

Jason Kidd’s off-the-court antics have once again taken a chunk out of his salary.

The Jason Kidd experiment is looking like the ultimate display in struggle right about now.

Jason Kidd‘s head coaching career just caught a speed bump. The NBA announced today that the retired NBA point guard will have to sit out two games as head coach of the Brooklyn Nets after pleading guilty to drunk driving.

You knew Jay Z wasn’t going to sell his shares of the Brooklyn Nets to just anybody. Reportedly, the “Picasso Baby” rapper is selling his stake in the NBA franchise to the team’s new head coach, NBA great Jason Kidd. 

Future Hall of Famer Jason Kidd recently retired, but his NBA career is far from over. The point guard legend as been hired at head coach of the Brooklyn Nets. 

Within 48 hours the NBA has lost two consummate professionals to retirement. Jason Kidd and Grant Hill, the 1995 NBA Co-Rookie of the Year recipients, have hung up their jerseys after 19 years of service.

Jason Kidd celebrated signing with the New York Knicks by engaging in a series of bad decisions which commenced with being arrested for drunk driving, early Sunday (July 15). Like any athlete looking to bring down his (somewhat) upstanding public image Kidd was relentless in his efforts to make sure that his night ended in […]