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Jason Kidd’s off-the-court antics have once again taken a chunk out of his salary.

The Brooklyn Nets coach suspiciously spilled his drink at the tail end of November 27’s loss against the Los Angeles Lakers to delay the game, and it seems like the NBA isn’t buying his claims of innocence.

They actually sent him a bill for $50,000 instead.

Reports USA Today

The league said the fine was “for intentionally spilling a drink on the floor to delay the game.

The liquid needed to be cleaned up, giving the Nets, who were trailing 97-94, time to huddle and draw up a three-point shot. Nets assistant coach John Welch designed the play for Paul Pierce, who missed a potential game-tying three.

According to amateur lip-readers, Kidd said, “Hit me,” to Taylor. In a season of woe for Kidd, it may have been his best coaching move this season.

The struggle is strong in the Barclays Center. The Nets have a record of 4-11 to start the year.

Photo: Bleacher Report