The popular sports talk show "Undisputed" returned with a new episode and a new theme song by Lil Wayne on Monday. The track, "Good Morning", debuted on social media beforehand.


Stephen A. Smith says chill, Shannon Sharpe has not signed on the dotted line.


We don't know who'll be joining Skip on a daily basis until Wayne chimes in on Fridays, but fans will be eagerly waiting the rapper's weekly appearances.


Reports are coming out that Shannon Sharpe will be exiting the Fox Sports 1 show Undisputed that he co-hosts with Skip Bayless.


Shannon Sharpe returned to his sports program Undisputed with co-host Skip Bayless and the pair got into a heated discussion.

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Shannon Sharpe broke out the cigars on FS1's Undisputed to celebrate his successful meeting with Nicole Murphy, who he has sought after for months.

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During a broadcast of FS1's Skip & Shannon: Undisputed, co-host Shannon Sharpe broke out Black & Mild cigarillos and talked his love of cognac on live TV.

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DMX is the king of sound bites. The man who made barking on a record his signature move, has a criminal history— and he’s not afraid to admit it. During an interview for’s “My First” series, the 41-year-old detailed his first feeling of self-accomplishment, which came after he committed more than a few robberies. “I robbed […]

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As a New York native, DMX has a special place in his heart for the city that never sleeps, and will use his next album to pay tribute to the Big Apple. X’s forthcoming  Undisputed release is slated to drop on Sept. 11, in commemoration of the 9/11 terrorist attacks that took the lives of over […]

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Remember that DMX EP called The Weigh In that dropped back in May? No worries, not many people do. But Darkman X is moving forward with his next proper album, Undisputed, and has released its album cover artwork and tracklist. You might already know about the Machine Gun Kelly collaboration (“I Don’t Dance”) but the […]

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The Dog has been injured. DMX was hospitalized with a concussion Saturday (July 14) after crashing his four-wheeler, reports TMZ. The rapper got into the accident outside his house in South Carolina, when he collided with a hill. After flipping over more than once, he landed on his backside. Despite his injuries, X reported his […]

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The law is finally working in DMX’s favor.  According to TMZ, a booking agency dropped their $630,000 lawsuit against the rapper. Heavy Rotation filed the suit against X after a comeback tour never came into fruition. The booking agency signed a one-year deal with the 42-year-old to perform different dates all over the country.