Vanessa satten

As is custom in the Hip-Hop world, XXL’s yearly Freshman list is the center of heated debates from board rooms to barbershops. Although the magazine cover was just revealed days ago, people are questioning some of the selections. To address the noise, XXL Editor-In-Chief Vanessa Satten sat down in a brief interview yesterday (March 28) […]

The annual XXL Magazine Freshman list is guaranteed  to generate discussion, unleash hate and expose sensitive rappers that need hugs. XXL editors Vanessa Satten (Editor In Chief), Jayson Rodriguez (Executive Editor) and Carl Chery (Digital Content Director) visited Hot 97’s morning show and discussed the process behind who made the cover, how they tried to […]

<strong>Too $hort’s</strong> 19th album, <strong><em>No Trespassing</em></strong>, drops on February 28, but lately his words have been getting more attention than his music. A video billed as “Fatherly Advice” was posted on that had <a href="" target="_blank">$hort Dog suggesting boys carry out what amounted to s*xual assault</a>. The Oakland rap legend explained to <strong>Hip-Hop Wired</strong> that he conducted the interview thinking it was going to be a comedic clip, not serious advice.

“Too $hort gives s*x advice to middle school kids.” Sounds like a skit on Chappelle’s Show because nobody would think that something like that would ever get the green light in real life, right? Wrong. For some reason, a few staffers at XXL Magazine’s website thought that a Too $hort giving advice to young boys […]

Multi-platinum rap artist Too $hort, a 25-year veteran, has left in an indelible mark on the rap landscape while never straying far from his tried and true formula of boastful lyrics that play up his s*xual prowess. In an attempt at continued relevance with a younger audience, $hort and joined together for a video […]