The friendly celebration slash battle between the musical giants only went left when The Isley Brothers performed songs recorded with the beleaguered R. Kelly.

On Wednesday (Mar 24), while talking with the paparazzi at TMZ, Xscape's LaTocha Scott confirmed that the fan-favored battle has been set in stone with the soulful matchup going down in May.

Dr. Dre has proven once again that he might have the pickiest taste in Hip-Hop. We now have some context of why he will not be battling on today’s hottest platform.

With both men already over the age of 50, their energy and a long list of classic tracks between them transported them back to the days of their youth but in the best ways possible.

The next Verzuz battle is going to be a Wu-Tang Clan celebration, son. Ghostface Killah and Raekwon will be engaging in a friendly battle, and it goes down on Saturday, March 20.

Swizz Beatz and Timbaland explained to the 20-year-old actor that there is more to their deal than a money grab, however.


Swizz Beatz reveals that we missed out on a potential showdown between D'Angelo and Maxwell.

D'Angelo is breaking his notorious hiatus for a special appearance on the next 'Verzuz' show at the Apollo Theater. The neo-soul singer will break the traditional battle format by performing with friends, all of who are speculated to be past collaborators of music released throughout his career.

We are only one battle into the 2021 and it seems Verzuz is about to level up. The founders are aiming to bring some late greats to their platform— 2Pac and the Notorious B.I.G.

Hi-C, who serves as Cole's DJ, gave onlookers a brief insight as to why the R&B songstress wasn't in the best of places.

While some are debating how well the imprisoned singer would do in a competition of the hits, most are clear in stating the obvious that Kelly shouldn't be brought up in music conversations again.

On Thursday (Jan 21), the heavily fan-requested battle kicked off after being postponed twice, with the two chart-topping heavy hitters appearing in the original Verzuz format due to Covid-19 concerns. At the start of the show, there were a few delays which resulted in the battle beginning more than an hour behind schedule with Ashanti doing her best to kick off the show while fans awaited the arrival of Keyshia Cole.