Bobby Shmurda is embarking on a new journey. He has gone celibate and is sharing the pros and cons in hilarious fashion. 

Nigerian social media star Shola brought the term back to its buzzing ways by way of hosting a Twitter Space focused on the Alpha Male concept.

Hollywood lost a giant over the weekend. In celebrating the greatness of Michael K. Williams a video of Wendell Pierce praising him in person is now a viral sensation.

It is clear the Delta Variant has changed a lot of people’s fall plans. Thus is it no surprise the new milk crate challenge is hottest thing since the “In My Feelings” dance.

As we approach the end of the 2010s, Hip-Hop Wired is taking a look back at some of the top viral moments of the decade. As with all lists, this is based on our personal observations and experience with the moments so we’re sure to miss some of your favorites in the mix.

If you’ve been under a rock the last few weeks on Twitter, then you possibly missed a new meme trend that has taken over the social media network. For those who have witnessed the memes going around, it would be fair to say that the images and corresponding jokes have been flourishing of late.

Never try it with a Black mother, and most especially don’t try it with one who is a veteran lawyer and respected elected official. Arkansas State Senator Stephanie Flowers caught the attention of the nation last week when she railed against the interruption of her Republican counterpart inside the chamber during a “Stand Your Ground” […]

When you get famous fast, you gotta control that urge to hop into a thot-bot’s DMs, bruh.

It was all good just a week ago for Shiggy, the social media star who danced his way into his fans’ hearts and into Drake’s “In My Feelings” video. Having the juice got too good for the New York native and he had to drop a Kevin Hart style apology video for the ‘Gram after […]

The now-viral dance craze sparked by Internet personality Shiggy which employed Drake‘s “In My Feelings” track still has a lot of legs and even has federal agencies warning folks against doing the dance outside moving cars. The state of Oklahoma applied their troll cap and used a highway road sign to communicate to drivers that […]

The Shiggy dance has lived on in viral infamy due to its connection to Drake‘s “In My Feelings” track, sparking a dance challenge for the ages. However, some fans are risking life and limb to perform the dance by hopping out of moving cars and the NTSB wants an end to it.

Drake is no stranger to sparking off memes and viral trends, doing so once again with his R&B-tinged hit track “In My Feelings” from his latest album, Scorpion. With the rise of the #InMyFeelingsChallenge taken on by the likes of Will Smith and others, a Florida man tried to stage his own and got hit […]