Two of AmeriKKKas front lining idiots have been recently feeling the heat because of their racist sentiments and remarks made toward Haiti after the tragic earthquake.  As Hip-Hop Wired previously reported, Pat Robertson claimed the incident happened because Haiti “made a pack with the devil.” Ignorance a bliss, Rush Limbaugh said the tragedy was “made […]

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When Hip-Hop was born in the late 70’s, beats and lyrics were the structured body of the phenomenal genre. Being the greatest lyricist with the most creative rhymes was an artist’s claim to fame when Hip-Hop hit the streets. It was all about how the artist could assimilate his/her rhymes to something a listener could effortlessly […]

Leading syndicated radio host, Warren Ballentine issued a call to action, deeming Friday, September 4, 2009, “National Community Reinvestment Day.” The national plan urges individuals from all across America to open an account with Black-owned banks in their communities on the same day. Ballentine announced that the mission of the campaign is to galvanize consumers, […]

HBCU Alumni will be thrilled to learn that the week of August 30 through September 5, 2009 is officially National HBCU Week. The White House released a proclamation from the President officiating the week and praising HBCUS for spawning some of America’s most notorious Black leaders. “For more than 140 years, HBCUs have released the […]

Activist and front line soldier Warren Ballentine is about fighting for the rights of African-Americans. The syndicated radio host and attorney spoke with Hip-Hop Wired’s “Michael Ice-Blue” Harris about several plagues affecting the African-American community and the importance of giving back and inspiring hope into our Black Youth. Here’s the first installment of several interviews […]