FINALLY, we are getting more clarity on The Oscars slap and hearing from people who directly know what happened after the now-infamous moment.


Packer, who initially made what some took as a joke regarding the shocking incident, explained to critics who blasted him for the comment.


There have been rumblings that BET was planning on launching its own streaming service. Today (June 24) the Viacom owned network has confirmed that BET+ is indeed coming this fall and Tyler Perry, as well as other big names, are on board to supply original content.


In the midst of the furor of HBO‘s upcoming drama Confederate, Amazon is readying their own alt-history series. Black America will imagine the world where Black people rule a number of southern states ahead of an epic clash with the United States.

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Although it would be hard for him to admit, 50 Cent is having a hard time committing to a musical project because he has too many other lucrative opportunities in his bag.


Will Packer clearly knows how to produce movies people want to see. The 40-year-old producer who got his name in the mix for his work on numerous Hollywood hits, has scored his third no. 1 movie of the year with the Idris Elba/Taraji P. Henson thriller, No Good Deed.