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Tyler, The Creator has been rather stagnant musically since releasing Wolf–a favorite around these parts–back in 2013. With no new tunes in sight, the energetic Odd Future member announces that a documentary about the making of album is on the way.

News, tyler the creator, Video

Some folks still aren’t sold on Tyler, The Creator (and they probably never will be), but at this point, you’ve to admit that the 22-year-old is very talented. Last night, the perplexing rapper continued his streak of quality visuals by releasing the treatment for his Wolf track, “Tamale.”

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Tyler, The Creator has always flourished using an array of creative outlets. With music and clothing in the can, he reveals a trailer for his upcoming film WOLF.

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Tyler, The Creator recently revealed that he turned down a high profile feature from Kanye West on Wolf while conversing with a fan on Formspring. According the the young rapper/producer, G.O.O.D. Music’s head honcho was interested in laying a verse on his standout track “IFHY.”


Odd Future’s Tyler, The Creator has been criticized heavily for his foul language and hom0phobic lyrics present in his music. It all appears to be part of his shtick, as he says he knew that crew member Frank Ocean was gay before the crooner publicly came out. 

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At this point, album leaks are unavoidable for even the most resilient rapper. Just ask Tyler, The Creator, whose forthcoming LP Wolf  hit the Internets this week. Most likely as result of this, the Odd Future artist has decided to stream the project in its entirety prior to its April 2 release.

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Tyler, the Creator drops the video for “IFHY,” featuring Pharrell, off of his forthcoming Wolf album.

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Two years ago, most of the world was introduced to the Odd Future movement through Tyler, The Creator’s television debut on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon. 

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Tyler, The Creator releases the first single from his third solo album Wolf with the video and song for “Domo 23.” 

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Hip-Hop will see Tyler, The Creator make a musical return this year, as the OFWGKTA rapper informally announces the release date for his highly anticipated album, Wolf. News of the project actually comes courtesy of Tyler’s friend and Odd Future confidant L-Boy, who creatively recorded the announcement while skydiving.


The talented – if controversial – band of merry west coast misfits Odd Future are set to make a splash this coming fall with a nationwide tour set to coincide with all of the many upcoming releases from the camp starting next month. After teasing a new track “Elimination Chamber” featuring Earl Sweatshirt, Vince Staples […]

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No, that is not a photo of Chris Brown below catching the fade at the hands of some brolic white dude wearing gloves. Breezy decided to ink up a spot on his neck with a howling wolf. Reports TMZ: Chris Brown found an empty spot on his body that wasn’t inked up … and inked it […]