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Tyler, The Creator has always flourished using an array of creative outlets. With music and clothing in the can, he reveals a trailer for his upcoming film WOLF.

From the looks of it, the screenplay was adapted from the Odd Future member’s third album of the same title. As his thumping Domo Genesis and Earl Sweatshirt-assisted track “Rusty” chimes in the background, Tyler can be seen searching for a lost lighter that’s ironically tucked in his beanie.

Soon after, he utters, “Oh yeah, you can kill him,” revealing that it’s actually the rapper’s alter ego Sam speaking. Meanwhile, Tyler as we know him is catching the not-so-proverbial fade at the hands of his adversary’s two goons. Those familiar with the LP know that the affection of a woman named Salem is the root of the issue.

Tyler tweeted, “More To Come Soon,” last night, but gave no timetable on when to expect such. Keep your eyes peeled in the mean time, and catch the WOLF trailer below.

Photo: YouTube