Xbox One S

We now have a good idea of just how bad the PS4 was whooping the Xbox One's butt in sales.

Unlike Sony and the PS4, Microsoft is fully invested in the future of gaming and is saying goodbye to the Xbox One.

As Microsoft prepares to take a leap into the next generation with the launch of the Xbox Series X, the company will be phasing out two current Xbox One models.

EA unofficially kicked things off yesterday with its EA Play conference and showing off Respawn’s Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order plus many other games. Sunday (Jun.10) Microsoft officially got E3 2019 started with its press conference, and like last year it was all about games, games & more games plus some a surprise or two.

Microsoft has confirmed the disc-less Xbox One S is indeed coming this year. Dubbed the “All Digital Edition” and broke down what gamers can expect when the console launches.

Microsoft looks like it’s ready to take the leap into disc-less consoles this year. According to reports, the tech giant is poised to drop an “Xbox One S All-Digital Edition” in May.

2018 is coming to a close and if you’re a gamer the year has been a good one for you when it came to powering up your consoles and escaping reality for a few hours.