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"All-Digital" Xbox One S Reportedly Launching In May

Source: T3 Magazine / Getty

Microsoft looks like it’s ready to take the leap into disc-less consoles this year. According to reports, the tech giant is poised to drop an “Xbox One S All-Digital Edition” in May.

But is the gaming community ready to part ways with Blu-ray discs?

That is the million dollar question? Rumors are swirling that Microsoft is set to launch the discless console sometime early May with pre-orders beginning in mid-April. The “Xbox One S All-Digital” would serve as the first test to see if the world is indeed ready for Microsofts next-generation video game console codenamed Scarlett. Not much is known about the digital box in terms of pricing and design but according to Thurrott its exclusion of a Blu-ray drive could mean the new system could $100 cheaper than previous models.

This is a very bold step to take but its a huge risk because there are no sure signs gamers are ready to part ways with Blu-ray discs and go completely digital. While systems offer a combination of both and offer the benefit of a cloud-based memory system, some might be hesitant to blindly put all of their faith in it assuming that their digital library will be safe. But this is definitely the direction where gaming seems to be heading in so eventually folks will have to get on board. We will definitely be keeping our ears to the streets on this rumor.


Photo:T3 Magazine / Getty