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Beyonce's Producer Disses Kelly Rowland's "Motivation" Single


Beyonce’s Producer Disses Kelly Rowland

Despite having the #1 urban song in the country, some people (Beyonce stans included), won’t let Kelly Rowland be great.

The latest example comes from Beyonce’s producer, Jeff Bhasker, who’s credit with producing three songs on Beyonce’s new album 4.

The producer hit Twitter to say this:

Kelly Rowland fans spent the next few hours criticizing Bhasker for his comments, until he responded with the following tweet hours later:

Bhasker has received production credits for a number of songs, including Kanye West’s “Runaway,” Alicia Keys’ “Try Sleeping with a Broken Heart” and “Wait Til You See My Smile.”

Bhasker could say what he wants, but “Motivation” is still the #1 Hip-Hop/R&B song on Billboard.

And if he keeps talking slick about Beyonce’s girl, he might get demoted to producing songs for Solange Knowles.


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  • kalifawilliams

    i thought i was the only one who felt that way….motivation is crap! and kelly sounds very pitchy….its like hearing a cat sing while constipated

  • Sasha FLOPPED!

    LOL, beyonce stans are just mad because Kelly has been #1 for 2 months and 4LOP is a worldwide FAIL LOL

  • wtf

    How is it a flop when it was #1 in 14 countries ?

  • wtf

    How is it a flop when it was #1 in 14 countries ??

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  • {pgtnetus}Ayo,how come da ‘beyonce’getting gelosy in som 1 b in gd. over after KellyR,how stp.canB,1stB she got nice voice nd she steel survived on a hugged competition thatz my opinion homyez! One idea 4KellyRowlland,isa maked a new bumb 2grow allower competition isa {New Rmx2011-2Pac&KellyR}-Than youll see’it how racyng grow on her,thatz my opinion!tha will’b gr8 Rmx2011-2PacShakur&KellyRowlland,cz she got nc voices on her,anyway i lkd. KellyR voice!Anyway the all world lkd.her and the all Europe 2,so whatz wrong wht her? shez gd.anywayz m.homyez! I should 2hire thos msg.2go on a new {Rmx2011-2PacShakur&KellyRowlland} tha’ll b gr8 Rmx2011-2012.Even the YouTube,may will brake’d a waell whe dntknow im shoure goin samthing on all fully traffic globally on internet devicez!ok!tha b all i sayng!2011.pgtnetus.hiphopwired.com.

  • I wish the new Rmx >>{2Pac-ft-KellyRowlland}>>2011-2012.

  • He is a hater Kelly keep doing u girl

  • Shalonndramarie

    Why would you hate on somebody out here trying to make it in this Tough A$$ Economy. I think it’s cool and I’m happy that she is out here doing it and that should be all that’s said instead of Hating. I really hate it when people that don’t have to Hate and say sour crap does, if he is Producing for Beyonce why would he be hating, won’t he get paid rather Kelly R song is bomb or not?

  • Angeline

    He’s just mad that he didn’t get to produce that hit for her.

  • prico

    I agree the song is kinda stupid and explicit but who is bhasker to criticize it,I think beyonce is the one who is pushing bhasker to do all this cos she hasn’t issued any statement to clear ha name.all the same kr deserves the critic cos if it were keri hilson evri1 wud hv finished her by now since dat’s wot dey re gud at