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The Top 10 New School MCs


Mac Miller enjoyed a very successful 2011 as the Pittsburgh native received a Gold plaque for his single, “Donald Trump” and topped it off with an appearance on the Forbes list.

Miller’s popularity skyrocketed with the co-sign of the aforementioned mogul, who deemed Mac “The Next Eminem.” But Mac was already a viral sensation even before the Donald mentioned his name. The 19 year-old has an uncanny bond with many of his fans, which exceed close to 2.5 million between his Twitter and Facebook Pages. Mac’s huge following helped him debut his album, Blue Slide Park at #1, which is an astonishing accomplishment for an independent artist.

An ever improving flow, choice beat selection and a respect for art means Miller a star in the making, and can only go up from here.

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  • Don

    Meek Mills is the nicest on this list. Then J Cole!!!

  • Evilempire718

    Bugging…^^^ Kendrick Lamar would is the Truth.. Non of these artist has anything that can come close to  “Look out for Detox” or “Rigamortis” 

  • Mickey Rouke

    what about vado?

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  • LiamMacBuie

    First off, I didn’t listen to all of the artists, but I’m left unfulfilled. When I see a headline about the top ten new school  MC’s, I’m thinkin’ mother f*ckers killin’ it with a fire inside. Spittin venom and knowledge and edification to the youth.  The two I listened to, were rehashes of the past, which really isn’t new school. On top of that, it was boring as hell because they weren’t even as good as the ones past that they want to emulate. I aint here to hate. I give props to anyone makin’ moves and trying, but I guess I expected a little more creativity and individuality.
    You can do your own thing and it doesn’t have to sound like every other rapper from the past 2o years. Lets try and turn this sh*t upside down. DJ’s and Producers are in need of some mushrooms as well. Maybe that will spark some creative genius. Peace

  • Mat

    yess!! glad jon connor is here, hes way too underrated