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Loaded Lux vs. Calicoe At Smack/URL: Summer Madness 2 [VIDEO]


This past month at Webster Hall in New York City, the Smack DVD/Underground Rap League’s Summer Madness 2 went down. The round robin style battle rap tournament took place with celebrities like Busta Rhymes, Diddy, Q-Tip and more hitting the show to watch some of the greatest battle rappers in the world throw down for all of the marbles.

In this particular battle, which seems to be the most talked about rap battles in years, features a fresh out of retirement Loaded Lux and Calicoe did battle with each other. After the third round, it wasn’t clear who won, but boy oh boy was that third verse from Loaded Lux a doozie. Hit the jump to check out the entire 40-minute battle. Go get this work. 



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  • CaliTransplant

    I was riding with Cal until Lux broke down science on his BMF pops…Sonned Cal like sunday school fa real…That was a great battle…

  • A Cage For Scatterbrain

    The thing cats aren’t even speaking on is that style Calicoe was coming at Lux with? That was Lux style back in the day. Then the father of his style sonned him with some real life lyrics. You can’t come back from that. And the way Lux set it up? That was crazy. I’ll admit, forgetting your verse in the 1st round wasn’t a good move, and if Calicoe’s verses had more substance, he could have still pulled it off. But Lux dropped jewels. AND he took making your opponent look foolish to another level. There was no coming back from that. I can’t think of a battle where one person could make the other person possibly reflect on their lives…

  • geohvision

    ‘After the third round, it wasn’t clear who won…’, Famo whut battle was u watchin’?!?!? Calicoe died when he accepted the mission. Most defeats happen before the actual fight ( it’s all in the mind). Lux 3 – 0. The substance outweighed the jargon. Calicoe chose the wrong angle of attack; Lux did the opposite.

  • Casey087

    Where can I buy a DVD of this battle?

  • Arturo Carter

    A battle rap with a concept? Bananas! Lux not only battled but he also put on a show. Jokes, punchlines, philosophy, morals, thuggery… He hit cal with everything except an atom bomb.